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How Aniyah Varnado Started Her Journey

When I think of a butterfly I think of my sweet little girl Aniyah who just turned twelve years old.  A caterpillar tucked away in its cocoon can easily be overlooked, it’s never admired for its beauty. In fact, it doesn’t have its real identity yet but is going through a much-needed process.  Aniyah is the youngest out of 8 children, I guess you can say she represents a new beginning, a new start, a new legacy.  Aniyah comes from a long line of musical talent on both her father’s and my side of the family.
Aniyah is born into a Christian-based (believer of Christ) environment and it was evident that she was special from birth. Her father eagerly shared with me an angelic encounter he had when Aniyah was just weeks old where angels visited him concerning her.
When a mother gives birth she looks at her baby and thinks to herself, who couldn’t love this beautiful being? who couldn’t accept this wonderful creature, you just expect that everyone will have the same feelings as you do.  Life has a way of teaching you that no matter how much you may want to shield your child from hurt, disappointment, and rejection it’s really out of your control as we have no control over other people’s hearts and emotions.
One day after a few years of Aniyah coming home from school in tears and feeling not good enough, not a part of, being talked about and years of not fully being accepted, God inspired her father to write a song called “Beautiful Creation” that originally was for her to sing to herself and for herself as an encouragement and reminder of who she was and what she meant to God.  It was soon discovered that this message was needed to encourage the hearts of many, not just the younger generation.
Aniyah is learning how to focus on the positive influences in her life, her true friends, and the family that loves and supports her.  She recently became a part of a group called 100 Girls Like Us founded by Linda Jones where she is learning to have self-esteem, how to value herself, and become more and more confident.  It truly brings me joy to see her smiling and thriving, I am anticipating, watching, and waiting to see where her wings will take her.

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  1. When I initially met Aniyah Varnado, I knew she was destined for greatness. Not only does she have amazing vocal skills, she is respectful, kind, considerate and humble. These are characteristics that set her apart from so many others. Being bullied can take children on a downward spiral difficult to recover from but God had his hand in Aniyah’s life from the very beginning. He turned that whole situation from tears to a remarkable testimony. I truly believe God placed her in that situation to be an inspiration to so many others. Today when I see her, I see confidence, courage, and peace. Keep shining bright sweet, beautiful girl. This is just the beginning of your amazing journey. One day you will look back on all of this and say thank you Lord and you will understand why things happened in divine order. I want you to know the 100 Girls Like Us Organization will forever be by your side. And when your dreams are finally realized, I want to be the first to say, she said she would and she did. Love You Aniyah Varnado! Girl You Will Always Rock!

    Ms. Linda Jones
    100 Girls Like Us Incorp.

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